Interest Bearing Share Accounts (savings)

Your share account is what makes you a member of the credit union. You are buying a share in the credit union with each $5 you deposit. You have to maintain at least 5 shares ($25) in order to remain a member. Once the shares are purchased, you are then eligible to utilize the other services we offer.

Christmas Club Account

The Christmas Club Account is an interest bearing savings account. Funds will be mailed or transferred on November 15th.

TUTMA Accounts (minors)

A TUTMA account is a savings account set up for a minor by someone older than 21 who serves as the account custodian. The custodian retains full control of the account until the minor turns 21 years of age. This is a great way for you to help your child save while you remain the authorized signer. Once the child turns 21 year of age, the account becomes their responsibility.